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November 7, 2008

One of the many reasons…

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mommy needs a night with the girls, a vacation, a date night with hubby, a day at the spa…whatever fills you up and gets you going for the next “opportunity” to show patience-you fill in the blank.

Let me first give a warning, this post is not for the weak of stomach or anyone who plans on eating in the next few hours.  Unless, of course, you’re a mom and we can talk anything involving the two p’s (puke and poo) and continue to eat our chips and salsa…

So the story begins with AJ napping, Ryan riding his Smart Cycle- since it is officially fallnter (little bit colder than fall, but not quite winter) and we are finding ways to stay active indoors-and me, well I of course was scrubbing down floors, doing laundry, preparing a four-course dinner, the day-to-day normal stuff.  Okay, what I was really doing was waking up from my own nap and was scrapbooking Ryan’s 3rd birthday-I’m a little behind.  I look down at my phone and check the time, 10 minutes after AJ was supposed to be up.  I waddle-the 37 weeks pregnant waddle-up three short flights of stairs, but before I get there my super- heightened sense of smell detects a not-so-good odor.  A darn right stinky foul funk coming from the bedroom of my “potty-trained” almost 3 yr old’s bedroom.

As a story my mother-in-law once told me came to mind, the story of a very soiled diaper that was taken off by her young sweet boy and turned into a poo-Picasso all over the walls and everywhere else…horror began to take over. 

I walk in and see my little AJ covered in poo from the waist down standing on his comforter that is half on the bed and half on our new carpet, also spotted with poo.  Then I see the huge mess that my child has made in the bed.  I must admit that I thought of taking a picture just to show this HUGE, smelly mess!  But opted not to, you’re welcome. 🙂  As he continues to pull the comforter off the bed to cuddle up with it on the floor, under normal circumstances such an endearing quality, he reveals yet another HUGE, smelly mess!  I also spot his “night-time” diaper laying on the floor, clean. 

 Oh my what fun!

So I’m trying to think like an almost 3 yr old to figure out how??? why??? what was he thinking???  I realized that I will never know the thought processes of my boys and the why’s behind their actions.  Only this I know, with a toddler, every day is an adventure!



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  1. Thats my Grandboy:):) Like Father like Son. Ain’t it pleasant:):) Love ya, Mag

    Comment by MAG — November 7, 2008 @ 11:56 am | Reply

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