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December 4, 2008

How Ready Am I…

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to have this baby?  THIS READY:


It all started with my hearing the  neighbor snow blowing his driveway.  Hmm, I guess we’ll be doing that here in Colorado.  Having lived in Texas the last 5 winters, driveway clearing was something we never had to worry about.  So I began to look around at the cul-de-sac and thought, “Wow!  People are really into keeping their driveway clear.”  That’s when I thought…maybe if I shovel it will start this whole labor thing.  I mean 40.5 week pregnant, this is getting ridiculous!  So I got the kids up from their nap, well Ryan was having “rest time” and we got all decked out in our snow attire, and headed out to the cold Colorado winter.  Ryan was so excited and even AJ had fun!  Well maybe fun isn’t the word for AJ-he’s just like his Daddy, not a cold person.  Ryan made his first snow angel and AJ kept getting stuck…like on Christmas Story!  🙂  He would ask, “Can you help me up?”

I’m excited that Chris will come home and see the driveway already cleared and maybe we’ll have a baby tonight!

Update:  It has been over an hour and I haven’t had a single contraction, just a sore back.  I should also say that I looked up what the name “Carson” means on several trustworthy Internet baby name sites.  Turns out that Carson means, “swamp dweller”.  No wonder he’s so content!


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