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April 27, 2009

And We’re BACK!

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We recently got back from our trip to Texas which was AWESOME!  It was so great to see family and friends again-and so hard to say goodbye again…  We drove by our old house and got to see Chris’ Daddy Tree.  Back peddle: When we had Ryan, I bought a tree for Chris to plant in our backyard.  It was kind of a symbol of how he would grow stronger, taller, bigger as a father.  Everyone now:  Ahhh!  Anyway, we couldn’t believe how tall it got!  Our little Daddy Tree has really sprouted!  I so wanted to get a picture, but Chris passed.  But definitely next time.  I’m sure the new owners of “our house” would understand.  That was something Chris and I decided that it would always be “ours.”  We built it and picked out all the little details.  We brought two of our sons home there.  We even put our hands in the cement…It was a great home for 5 wonderful years!

It was quite the trip.  On the way down we decided to take advantage of Sonic’s Happy Hour.  Half-price drinks from 2-4.  This is where I learned that you don’t let a three-yr-old have their own slushy in the back of a van on a very long road trip.  Well, maybe some, but not AJ…Here’s the story:

I’m talking on the phone, giving family an update.  I hear AJ say, “I paint.”  That’s all, “I paint.”  Sounds so innocent-right?  So wrong when you’re in a van with just a few hours left on a very long road trip.  Just a few hours left…we did so well without any major problems or spills!  I wonder what he could mean?  I look back and see the straw from his slushy painting on the interior window.  Fortunately there was nothing really there, but I begin to wonder…if that’s his straw, where is the slushy?  Then I wonder whether I really want to know or not.  As you’ve probably guessed it was in fact on the floor of the van.  Yep, a full grape slushy.  And that’s when I learned that baby wipes are very good for cleaning upholstery as well.  And so I still wonder…if it cleans carpet so well, do I really want it touching my baby’s rear?


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