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February 25, 2010

Sick Kids Stink!

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So one sick kid is manageable, 2 sick kids-now I’m out numbered, and 3 sick kids is just too many!  The little boys got the crud- we’ve had quite a month in the Green household.  This one they’ve been doing ok with, but they just sound miserable!  All three of them got this nasty lingering cough, but AJ sounded like a little mouse for 2 days.  You could barely hear him he was so squeaky.  And then there’s Carson, well, Carson, he’s been a bit of a pill lately.  Not only is the poor thing sick, but he’s cutting a new tooth and yesterday it’s possible that he ate a few beans from the game “Spill the Beans”.  Where was I?  On the phone & I was multi-tasking.  In my defense, I have an AJ and I didn’t know he had moved the game to the floor-which is fair game for my one year old! 😀

So with all the poor sick babies, I’ve been busy trying to keep my Carson from crying in his misery.  Here was my attack plan from 2 days ago: 

A little pear goes a long way….

Then today he got a bubble bath.  I thought that was a sure fire, but his bliss was only temporary.  He did learn the hard way that the harder you splash, the more risk of getting soap in the eye… 😦


December 12, 2009

Where did 2009 go?

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Can it be another year is already gone?  I just can’t believe it!  Wow, so much has happened in our world lately.  The BIGGEST news is that my awesome husband was ordained last month!  He is now a pastor at Northern Hills and I am a pastor’s wife!  I am so proud and excited for my man!  God has us on such an amazing journey…God’s grace is a beautiful and undeserved mystery.  Never in our wildest dreams did we see ourselves here.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from that memorable day…Courtesy of Maria Mitchell, Life Clicks Photography (edited by me:)

Another crazy thing is that my Carson turned 1!  I can’t believe it!!!  He is walking everywhere and getting quite fast.  And I’m VERY pleased to share that his first word was “mama”!  My first/last son to say “mama” before “dada”.  I think he’s working on “no-no”…it sounds like “na-na!”  He eats more than Ryan and AJ together and he loves his milk.  I still think investing in a milk cow would be a wise thing!  Pictures are courtesy of Maria Mitchell, Life Clicks Photography.  (Edited by me:)

And finally…my sweet boy, AJ, turns 4 tomorrow!  Wow, he is such a blessing.  He is just full of love.  I have to share a video I found the other day.  This was when AJ turned one:)  Seriously…how stinkin’ cute is this boy???



November 16, 2009

Look Who’s Walking!!!

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My last baby is walking!!!!  Somebody bring me a box of Kleenex!!!

June 21, 2009

Milestone Mania

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We’ve had quite the exciting week around the Green household!  It began Tuesday when I found out that AJ20090620-IMG_6287 had taught himself to swing.  As long as the swing isn’t too high, he can get on by himself and swing ’til the cows come home. 










Then we have Ryan’s 1st Tball game on Friday!  That was a BLAST!  Ryan smacked one right up the middle and got an RBI.  Really every player gets an RBI, but the excitement is still intense!  It was surreal watching my “baby” play Tball.  Where has 5 years gone?20090619-IMG_607420090619-IMG_6086

Ryan's RBI!

Ryan's RBI!


Playing 1st base

Playing 1st base

AJ is ready to hit too!20090619-IMG_6169AJ is ready to hit!

Later that night Carson tried Puffs for the first time.  He really didn’t know what to think of them!20090620-IMG_620320090620-IMG_6202



As if my head wasn’t spinning enough with ALL my kids have accomplished…Saturday evening, Chris taught Ryan how to ride his bike without training wheels!


Chris explaining the rules:  Keep your head foreward and your feet on the pedals!

One proud daddy!
One proud daddy!

Chris explaining the rules:  Keep your head up and your feet on the pedals!


June 12, 2009

Camping Disaster ’09

Allow me to set the stage for you:

A 5 yr old, a 3 yr old, a 6 month old baby, and two novice campers.

Our story begins on June 12th we leave at about 2:30pm.  We make one stop, King Soopers, because the baby needs bananas.  We’re off!  Finally, I’m told where we are going, Mary’s Lake Campground in Estes Park.  Which is so appropriate for our 1st camping trip because (here comes the mushy stuff) it’s where Chris and I first told each other “I love you” and where Chris was planning to propose-the weather ruined that plan too, actually, funny that we should be conquered again by the weather in Estes Park.

We arrive at approximately 4:45pm.  We have a plan because I’ve been reading a book called Kids & Camping-which Chris has teased me about for days!  The boys and I were going to collect wood for our fire, wait we find out that’s prohibited.  Plan B, we purchase wood for the fire.  The boys and I clear the big rocks from the area where the tent will go and Daddy is going to start putting the tent together.  Ryan and AJ both cleared one rock, so I guess they were done.  They were off finding sticks and exploring-exactly what I wanted them to do.  It was so great watching them run around the campground. 

We noticed the wind right away.  It’s barely 50 degrees and with the wind it was even colder.  It was pretty funny watching Chris try to get the tent set up.  It was equally funny watching me start a fire.  While we each had our jobs, Carson is jumping around in his hop and pop.  He has his warm onesie on, a jacket, and a hat…why didn’t I take a picture???

The tent was up in no time and I had successfully started a fire and kept it going.  Dinner was on and coming along great!  So far so good, we got this camping thing down.  Fifteen minutes later our luck, as they say, started to change. 

There were already two holes in the floor of the tent.  Oh great!  Of course, I’m worried about that because there has been rain everyday for two weeks.  The plan changes again…now I’m off to town to get a tent repair kit and a tarp, no we didn’t have one-and it’s a bit of a sore subject.  🙂  Meanwhile, Chris will stay withthe boys.  Since dinner wasn’t finished and I had  some hungry boys on my hands, I decide we’ll start with an appetizer, toasted marshmallows-of course!  I got them on the poky wire thing (yes, that is the official camp verbage)  But then I had to go because I’m on a time crunch, Carson needs to eat in less than an hour.  Before I leave I snap a few pictures from the van, then I have to go.   Little did I know I was about to miss all the fun camping.


Camping Disaster '09-2

However, beforeI go, I subliminally tell Chris to watch over our dinner.

I make it into town and find the visitor’s center right away, they point me to an outdoory store about a mile down the road.  They didn’t have a big enough tarp, so they point me to a True Value store…where is it?  Right across the highway from the visitor’s center.  Grrr, this is fun right?

I make it back right when little Carson is at his limit.  He didn’t take a nap in his pack ‘n play (in our torn tent) and now he’s hungry.  He was such a trooper!  Chris tells me they had such a great time and  that he sampled our dinner and was complimenting me on my camp cooking skills.  Unfortunately, that was about 20 minutes ago.  I pull the “hobos” off the fire and they are charred.  Not well done, charred.  I’m able to salvage a few bites for the kids to munch. 

Just about this time Carson rolls right off the air mattress on the ground.  He was okay, thank God, but Ryan is nearly in tears because he’s worried about his baby brother.  We love on our Carson and I begin to feed him.  It’s at this point when I notice the wind is gone.  It’s perfectly calm.  The weather was turning in our favor!  Or so I thought. 

The new plan is while I’m feeding Carson, Chris is going to repair the tent, be on rock removal and lay the tarp down.  Ready…break!  Chris starts his job, but after a few minutes, I get this feeling that we better set the back of the van up for Carson.  At the time, my reasoning was because he was so tired and we really didn’t know how long the tent repair would take.  We also get the boys in their warm clothes.  So I’m feeding Carson, the older boys are munching on what’s left of our charred dinner and Chris is pulling stakes.Camping Disaster '09-12

Ryan says, “Hey, it’s raining.” Chris asks me, “Is it?”  I don’t notice any rain drops, “No, it’s not.”  But then there was one.  The timing was so key here.  I move Carson into the van  to bundle him like the little brother on Christmas Story (“Mom, I can’t put my arms down!”)  and lay him in the pack ‘n play that’s in the van.  Just as Chris pulls the last stubborn stake from the ground, this wind literally comes out of nowhere!  Chris sends the boys to the bathroom for shelter.  Seconds later those sparse raindrops became a torrential downpour!  We are running around frantically trying to put lids on bins to keep our stuff dry.  The firewood!  I run it to the bathroom.  The mattresses!  Chris runs them to the bathroom!  The bedding is in the van, and I also check on the baby, he’s not sleeping, but he’s dry & warm, and not crying…yet.  Chris goes to check on the boys.  I turn around to see our once tent turn into a parachute.  I’m screaming, “Chris!  Chris!  Chris!”  He comes to the rescue and I ask him the pivotal question, “At what point do we call it?”  We didn’t need to discuss it, he starts breaking the tent down and I check on Carson who is now screaming.  My poor baby!  I climb in the van which is piled high with stuff, like the mountain we were going to hike.

What a 1st camping trip!  At 8:00pm we pulled out of Mary’s Lake and Campground headed home to sleep in our non-ripped, floored warm beds.  But before I leave you to laugh at us in our naivety, I will close with this:  After the rainstorm passed us, AJ comes out of the bathroom with his pajama shoes (as our kids call them) and undies down at his ankles, walking toward me dragging his pj’s in the mud and water.  All he says, “Um, Mama, I need a little help.”  Don’t we all, son, don’t we all?

Camping Disaster '09-7

Camping Disaster '09-10

The wreckage after the storm.  Notice the charred tinfoil-everywhere!



"Seriously, I'm 6 months old.  What were you thinking?"

"Seriously, I'm 6 months old. What were you thinking?"

Camping Disaster '09-14

May 13, 2009

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

I had to post pictures from Fossil Rim.  This place was crazy cool!  It’s about 2 hours south of Dallas.  You drive your car through and actually feed the animals by hand!  I was a bit nervous at first, but relaxed after the first few.  Although, I never did brave feeding the ostrich.  The picture we got was the one that bit AJ.  The first animal we meet and poor AJ winds up with an ostrich bite.  That freaked Ryan out so badly that he sat in the back of the van until the last 1/2 of the drive.   He wanted to sit up with us to feed the giraffes.  They were our favorite.  God’s creations never cease to amaze me!


Here’s the Cheetos Story…

On the way home, the boys were given a little Cheetos snack on the way home.  We heard them crunching away.  Then I heard less crunching and decided to check it out.  AJ is completely passed out with orange fingers and the Cheetos bag right next to him.  Almost as if he’s guarding it.  He stays like this until we’re about 15 minutes from home.  We hear crunching again.  Again I check.  AJ is half awake and half asleep munching on Cheetos.  A few minutes later the crunching stops and he’s asleep again.  This happens two more times.  It was hysterical!  I love my boys!

January 17, 2009

Carson Rolls Over

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Today Carson is 6 weeks old!  He has tolerated tummy time and today he found a way to avoid it all together-rolling over.  I put him on his tummy and almost instantly he rolled over.  Chris didn’t believe me, but soon saw for himself the second time he did.  He was such a Doubting Thomas.  Here’s the proof for the rest of you!  There’s one at the beginning and then a slower roll in the middle, almost like it’s in slow mo.  After that the video just goes on.  He gets tired and the performance is over.

January 12, 2009

Who does Carson look most like?

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All these pics are around 1 month old.  Who does Carson favor, Ryan or AJ?  Don’t forget to cast your vote…scroll down.


January 8, 2009

Vocabulary I never knew I’d know…

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BBG-the name of the wall suction device that cleared the secretions.

Cap Refill-a small test that medical staff do on the nail to see how well the capillaries refill- a way to check how much oxygen they are getting.

Suction Catheter-a small tube about two inches long to suck out deep secretions that the BBG can’t reach-terrible to watch. 😦

Pulse Ox- a little monitor the staff put on Carson’s foot to monitor heart rate and oxygen level.

Nasal Cannula- The little devise that goes into the nose to administer the oxygen.

Carson caught the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) which caused him to get bronchiolitis-a lung infection of the tiny tubes inside Carson’s lungs.  The airways become inflamed which makes it difficult to breathe.  They also become filled with fluid and mucus.  The virus also causes your body to produce massive amounts of mucus in your nose and throat, causing even more breathing problems. 

We knew Carson was sick, but didn’t realize it had gotten so bad.  On Jan. 1 I called the after care nurse line and we counted how many times he breathed in a minute and we checked around his ribs to see how hard he was working to breathe-they said he was managing well and didn’t see any need to bring him in. 

The next day I took him into the doctor’s office to check to see how he was doing.  Lungs and ears were fine, and his oxygen level was 90%.  The doctor said he had a cold and we’d just have to wait it out. 

Two nights later we had dinner with some friends, the wife has some medical background and she noticed his nail beds were looking blueish/grey.  However, at the time they were refilling fine.  When we got home, I called the after hour care again and this time they sent us in to Urgent Care. 

Carson and I left Sunday night to be seen at the Children’s Hospital location off Hwy 7 & I-25.  They scutioned him out using the deep suction and the BBG.  They took a chest x-ray and gave him a breathing treatment.  They also tested him for RSV and I was told to check the results the next day with my doctor’s office.  His oxygen level there was 95% and the x-ray was clear.  We were told that he did have bronchiolitis and to continue using saline and the bulb syringe to extract the mucus.  We were sent home. 

I followed through the next day with my doctor’s office and we counted breaths again this time he was around 58/minute and the area around his ribs were pulling more than usual.  She had us come into the doc’s office and this time when he was eating, his oxygen levels were in the low 70’s.  The doctor started him on oxygen and sucked out his nose again.  Then we were on our way to the hospital in an ambulance.

Carson was monitored and suctioned every 3 hours or so.  He was kept on oxygen.  We were able to come home yesterday.  Carson’s still on oxygen, but his congestion is much better.  He also seems to be breathing much better.  We’ll go to the doctor’s for a check up tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We appreciate our family and friends so much.  We love you and are blessed by your love for us.


January 3, 2009

Early Morning Adventure…

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Would you panic if you woke up to this?


It’s 5:15am. 

Chris:  Don’t panic, but the house next door is on fire and we need to evacuate.

That’s really all I remember because I was woken out of dead sleep.  Chris said, and these are his exact words, that I got my crying on and said, “Oh, is our house is going to burn down?”  I, however, remember being disoriented and asking him if I need to grab the scrapbooks, the one thing I’d grab after my family was safe.  I was so confused.

I had the baby and he got the other two and we headed to the mom van (that’s what our 4 and 3 yr old call the super sweet ride I drive).  Although, there was really no where to go because in our small cul-de-sac there were two fire trucks and two police cars blocking the exit.  So we drove to the other side and waited.  I fed the baby and the boys watched in pure excitement.  We didn’t see any flames, but there was smoke pouring out of the door.  Everyone was safe even their cat.  It was really cool to see the firefighter hand him over to our relieved neighboor.  Two people were sent to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.  The captain said it was a small fire that started and was contained in the garage, but we still don’t know what caused it. 

There were a total of four firetrucks and three police cars.  It was pretty scary being that close to what could have been a huge disaster.  Thank goodness for smoke detectors.  Make sure your batteries have been swapped out recently.  Here are some more pics.  They aren’t great because it was cold outside and I didn’t want to mess with finding the correct settings on my camera, but you can see most of it pretty well.

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