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July 21, 2009

Berry Patch Farm

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Thursday we met up with some of our friends at the Berry Patch Farm.  It was a scorcher, but it was such a great time!  We were able to go on a tractor ride and see all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables.  We even picked a few berries.  AJ got scratched up from the raspberry thorns (I had no idea they had thorns)!  Carson must’ve picked a berry himself because I caught him “red handed”-sorry I had to!  I am my father’s daughter. 🙂  And yes, those are snow boots on Ryan’s feet.  A wise woman (you know who you are) once told me concerning children and pretty much anything else…pick your battles!   Enjoy the pictures! 

PS My sweet son, Ryan, was so worried about AJ’s injury that he was crying all the way home.  Just now he asked me, “Which pictures do you like? I don’t like the one of AJ’s owie because I was worried about him.”  I love his tender heart!









































































































May 31, 2009

My Boy is 5!

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Ryan's Bday (20 of 137)
So my baby turned 5 on May 11th! I’ve been busy trying to turn my little hobby into a business, but I think the real reason I haven’t posted about Ry’s bday is because it makes me sad. :(. Where has the time gone?   My baby is 5 and going to Kindergarten in three short months.  I just can’t believe it, it seems so surreal!  Of course I was so excited for my sweet boy’s birthday, but this one was tough for me.

We started Ry’s birthday bash with my almost famous smiley face pancake breakfast and a Mickey Mouse Playhouse balloon-the boys are loving Mickey right now!  It gets me so excited for Disney!  2010 baby!

Ryan's Bday (15 of 137)

We decided to do Ryan’s birthday a little different this year…  If you read my blog last year, (have I really been blogging over a year?) you know we had a Firefighter theme party for his big 4.  Instead of a party we took Ryan, AJ, and his bf Mason to a little place called Amazing Jake’s

Ryan's Bday (32 of 137)


The boys had so much fun atRyan's Bday (137 of 137)!!!  Ryan drove the bumper cars on his own, rode all of the kiddie rides, played putt-putt, rode shotgun on the go-carts, and even attempted the climbing wall.  Chris & I had so much fun watching them run around and saying yes to (almost) everything.

Ryan's Bday (45 of 137)Ryan's Bday (50 of 137)Ryan's Bday (86 of 137)Ryan's Bday (55 of 137)Ryan's Bday (52 of 137)

Ryan's Bday (73 of 137)Ryan's Bday (76 of 137)Ryan's Bday (83 of 137)

Ryan's Bday (114 of 137)Ryan's Bday (106 of 137)

AJ had so much fun being hooked up on the safety rope and “repelling” down.

Ryan's Bday (120 of 137)

Even Chris & I joined in the fun.  I was very eager to climb the wall.  I used to climb quite a bit when I lived in Mexico.  I climbed to what I thought was the top, but missed the very top by one stone.  It took me a bit longer than Chris and I won’t be showing my tush in a harness.  After convincing Chris to climb, he made it up so quickly the following picture is posed because he was all in competition mode and wouldn’t even turn around to take a picture.  Oh, those Green boys.  When I asked him if he remembered what his time was, his response was:  World Championship time.  Oh, those Green boys.

Ryan's Bday (132 of 137)

April 4, 2009

10 Things I Love About My Mom

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My mom10.  She’s got a great sense of humor-and that’s why she won’t mind which picture I chose. 🙂

9.  I love her green eyes.

8.  She’s changed her lifestyle and maintained her healthy weight for eight years!

7.  I love that she visits so often and came when I really needed her.  Thanks, Mom.

6.  She’s such a good grandmother to my boys!

5.  I love that she understands that we’re suppose to get better with age and I’ve seen real change in her.

4.  She’s had some rough moments in the past several years and I admire how she’s handled it.

3.  I’m thankful that she’s advocates for me and my family.

2.  She’s always there for me when I need to cry or just to have someone listen.

1.  I love that we’ve made it to this place where I can say that my mom is one of my best friends.  I love my mom and am blessed to have her. 

Happy (belated) Birthday, Mom.  Thanks for being so goofy during a time when I really needed a good laugh.  I love you and cherish your friendship. 



June 2, 2008

Saying Goodbye and Hello

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The Girls

We officially have a move to Colorado date:  June 17th.  This is such a bittersweet time for me.  I’m saying farewell to my dear family and sweet friends, a neighborhood I love, and the house we became a family in.   And hello to a brand new world full of new opportunities.  And not only that, my husband is about to start his new job at Northern Hills Christian Church-a dream that is finally being fulfilled.

So that’s how I started and had to walk away…Why is change so hard?  Why is it so scary?  When I know that God has His best for us.  It seems too, that the older I get, the more fears that start to creep in.  Maybe it’s because I’m now a mom… I don’t know.  I thank God for a husband that is so strong in trusting God’s plan for us.  I know this all in my head and in my heart.  The parts that I continue to struggle with is the trusting and and letting go parts. 

Alright, needing to walk away again.  So goodbye Texas, it’s been an amazing five years-I’ll miss you.  And hello Colorado, it’s good to see you again.  I can’t wait for the new opportunities and adventures that you have in store for this Green Family.

*The pic is two of my favorite people: Misty and Colby.  They took me out for one last “Girl’s Night”.  We painted mugs for each other.  Friendship is such a blessing!

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