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August 12, 2008

Just Enough…

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…to break a mother’s ♥!


This is what Ryan made for me this morning! 

A few days ago I wrote “I ♥ my boys.  Love, Mama” on the easel.  We read it together and he wanted to know what the ♥ meant.  I explained that it meant “loves”.  Today he wrote me his own message.  He said, “Mama, come see what I wrote you!”  Wow!  Is all I can say.  I knew that this motherhood thing would be amazing, but there are no words to describe how I felt when I saw my son’s first love note to me!  Wow.

On the picture Ryan drew a heart (his first one ever!).  You can see Ryan and the other word is “Mama”  He drew the two of us on the bottom-the round circle is the baby in my tummy.  ☺


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